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Who we are

We are Colorcode MultiMedia Company, (BN 2848340) a wholly owned and duly registered media company based in Nigeria. The purpose behind out set up is to provide robust, all-round & well rounded professional media solutions in whatever magnitude to existing and prospective clients within and outside the shores of the country.

We understand the critical need for 21st Century profit & non-profit concerns to have a good image, a brand worth associating with in the public eye to effectively market their products, services and/or causes irrespective of the platforms they currently employ. The ColorCode Team believes that we can do more, not just to help promote them better on their chosen platforms, but also to assist in seeking out new creative solutions, relevant pathways, wider audiences and profitable markets through our media-centric experience pool, collective skill-set and extensive partnership networks. To achieve our objectives, we rely heavily on both the creative mindset of the human mind as well as new technologies. 

What We Do

Broadcasting & Content

Presentation, Production, Scripting for TV/Radio, Programme Creation, Training & Recruitment, Media Marketing, Competition Advisory, Content Auditing

PR & Media Mgt

Media purchasing, Outdoor promotion, billboard, posters, flyers, public campaigns, copywriting, B2B, Branding, Image making, Enterprise Management (Management of TV Media businesses)

Production & Coverage

Event Coverage, Documentaries, VOA, Audio Jingles, Sound Management, News Coverage, Programmes Outsourcing, LIVE Streaming, Imaging & Photography

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